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We offer surf boards from Surftech.  We sell hooded fullsuits and surf booties produced by Hyperflex (a division of Henderson Wetsuits) as well as Hotline. We offer ease of entry back zip suits, gloves and hoods from Bare.  We also offer wax and other accessories by Stay Covered and FCS.

We rent wetsuits for $25.00 per day and have a limited supply of surf boards for $30.00 per day.  We do not have a surf instructor or guide and surfing is at your own risk. 

Surf Sites: Most common spring/summer/fall surf sites are the areas known as "Surfer's Beach" (aka "Bear Paw" or "3 mile") and "Fossil Beach". Surfer's Beach has a reef break further out, as well as a beach break. Fossil beach has a reef break. These sites tend to fire on Southerly winds.

Fall/Winter/Spring sites include areas closer to town such as Mill Bay Beach, the "Bone Yard" (aka Ram Site), Pillar Creek and Buskin River Mouth. Best surfing conditions are during Easterly winds.