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Scuba Do stocks SCUBA lines from Bare, Mares, Dive Rite, OceanEdge, Shearwater, Ocean Technology SystemsXS Scuba and Zeagle. We stock spear fishing guns and accessories from AB Biller. We have accessories from Ikelite, Underwater Kinetics and Trident.  Stop by the shop and see what great selections we have in stock.

We offer goggles, fins, caps, nose plugs  from Head and Finis, sized for adults and children. 

We offer surf boards from Surf Tech and NSP.   We sell hooded full suits and surf booties produced by Hyperflex (a division of Henderson Wetsuits) as well as Hotline. We offer ease of entry back zip suits, gloves and hoods from Bare.  We also offer wax and other accessories by Stay Covered, Sticky Bumps and FCS.


We are no longer stocking paintball supplies. We will continue to fill CO2 or compressed air bottles. There is a field located on VFW property at Monashka Bay. You MUST sign a liability release prior to playing on this site. The only other option for paintball games on Kodiak is on private property. Public use land, USCG land and Native owned lands are prohibited areas for paintball games.


Unfortunately, Soda Stream CO2 tanks have a specialized top which does not allow us to legally fill them. Their process is to have you bring them in to a "dealer" and swap them for full tanks.   I have tried four times to become a Soda Stream dealer so that we can swap these tanks for our customers, however, they don't seem to be interested in our small community.

Walmart is supposed to be dealers for Soda Stream, but they don't stock it in Kodiak. Maybe if the local Soda Stream customers let Walmart know this is desired, they may bring it into Kodiak. Sorry that we can't help you.


Our level 3 certified extinguisher technician has the knowledge and equipment to service portable extinguishers. We can provide inspections including monthly checks at your business, annual inspections, 6 year service and 12 year hydrostatic testing on dry chemical, CO2, halon and halotron extinguishers.  We no longer service Kidde extinguishers which have plastic tops.

Scuba Do is the only DOT certified hydrostatic test station on Kodiak Island. We can hydro SCUBA, SCBA, fire extinguishers, paint ball cylinders, and just about any other cylinder you might have. We also offer the Visual Plus inspection system for the highest quality visual inspections available.

We offer both air and enriched air (Nitrox) fills for SCUBA.  We are also offering O2 and Trimix fills for rebreather divers.

 Regulator annual  service can be performed on the above listed brands, or sent in for service on brands we don't sell. We can replace latex neck seals, latex wrist seals on Bare dry suits. 

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