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PADI Open Water SCUBA Class Sponsored by City Parks & Rec and Scuba Do


This PADI Open Water Scuba Class will run on 5 nights, (*Class dates go here) from 6:00 to 7:45 pm at the Dive Shop and 8:00 to 9:30 pm at the local Pool. The classroom and pool sessions prepare you for the 5 required open water dives needed to complete your PADI Open Water Diver Certification in cold water. For an additional fee, you can finish your open water dives with us, or take a referral card to another PADI Instructor. Open water dives will be scheduled for evenings and/or weekends at the end of the class.


In order to complete your registration, you need to pay for the class and pick up your books at Scuba Do by (*one week prior to class start) At that time, we will need you to complete a medical questionnaire. If you answer yes to any of the medical questions, you will need to get a physician’s release prior to participating in the class. There is also book work that needs to be done for the first night of class.


Please come to class prepared with your homework completed. You must have the chapter read with the knowledge review completed PRIOR to the class. You will need to bring a towel and t-shirt, as well as your swim suit for the pool sessions. The t-shirt helps alleviate chafing from the BCD. There will be a swim test required that includes a 200 yard swim (any stroke, not timed) and a 10 minute water tread.


Classes will follow the following schedule – Remember to have your book work done PRIOR to class.

Chapter 1 will be covered on (*Class 1 date)                 Chapter 2 will be covered on (*Class 2 date)

Chapter 3 will be covered on (*Class 3 date)                 Chapter 4 will be covered on (*Class 4 date)

Chapter 5 will be covered on (*Class 5 date)


Fees for this class are as follows:

Classroom and Pool sessions are $222.00. Full Certification requires you to complete five open water dives. If you choose to finish your certification with Scuba Do, the additional fee is $275.00. With this program, you are also eligible for a dry suit specialty certification. If you choose to finish your dives with any other PADI instructor, any where in the world, the fee would be set by that instructor, and would not include the dry suit specialty. You have one year to complete your open water dives for full certification.


Listed costs include books, air, pool fees, use of all gear in both the pool and open water, including dry suits. If you are unable to make payment in full at time of class, please discuss payment options with us. If you have other questions, please contact us at 486-2960.


Refund Policy: Full refund if cancellation is prior to the start of class and books are returned unused. A book fee of $77.50 will be charged if books have been used. If, at the end of the first pool session, you decide the class is not for you, we will refund $110.75. The balance will cover our out of pocket costs for books and pool fees. There will be no refunds given after start of 2nd pool session. Open water dives are paid on days of dives.


** The City of Kodiak Parks and Rec has no sponsorship of open water dives